Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#52: Freebie - Hump Day Happiness

A few inspirational websites to get you through this hot August Wednesday. Only two more days until the weekend!

Brian Nelson is a graphic designer in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Along with being a fantastic designer, he also pulls together some quite lovely blog posts to look at. 

Paul Foreman is the Mind Mapping guru behind this website and blog. I’ve never tried mind mapping, but this site has definitely inspired me to.

Although the website doesn’t scream it, Handmade Maps, a London-based company, is chalk-full of extraordinary maps that will keep you busy for hours. A must-stop if you’re maps, or anything pretty.


Hey Studio is a brilliant design group based in Barcelona, Spain. I actually found them from one of Brian Nelson's roundups, but I couldn't bare to keep their amazing work all to myself. Definitely don't miss this.

I'm tackling the second annual 92 Days of Summer list.
See the full post and list here and comment
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