Friday, August 17, 2012

Just Had to Share..

Reason #236 why I love collecting, buying and selling vintage and antique goods. It just warms my heart to know the little things in life can evoke such wonderful memories and feelings.

From a Indiana girl who bought this locket last week from the shop:

You will never know how much this means to me. My Grandma recently died and she left me this locket. It has a picture of my Grandma on one side and my Grandpa on the other. My Grandpa died in 1999, after having a series of strokes starting in 1991. My Grandma being a nurse took care of him at home, on her own that whole time. He ended up a vegetable really and totally helpless. But many years after that she was going through her jewelry with me because I design jewelry and she wanted my opinion on some things. We found this Avon locket and I opened it up. My Grandpa was grumpy to say the least, but here was this picture of him not only healthy but smiling. Grandma said he had just given her the locket for some holiday or another. She was an Avon addict. And then she said I could have it and I burst into tears right there. I didn't want to take it because there are so few pictures of him smiling. She just made me promise that when she passed I would put a picture of her smiling next to him in the locket. And then last year she passed away suddenly. It was a horrible shock to our whole family. She was the glue that kept us all together. When I got the locket out months later, hoping it would help my grieving process, I was horrified to find it was falling apart. I have been looking for a locket the same size to replace it with, so I wouldn't have to cut the pictures smaller and damage them,but I had no luck.

Only now, more than a year after her passing, did I think to look for the exact locket. I was so elated to find you had one and in great condition. It will mean so much to me to be able to put my Grandparents pictures in it and I can only hope it helps a little bit with the devastation I still feel.

Thank you is all I can say. I can't wait to receive the locket.