Saturday, August 18, 2012

#35: Summer Cocktails

Grapefruit Mojito
What you need:
2 shots of rum
Juice of one grapefruit
handful of mint leaves
1/2 tsp honey
juice of one lime
splash of soda water

What you do:
1. Squeeze the juices from the grapefruit and lime into a glass. Add the honey and mix well.
2. Muddle (great article on muddling here) the mint with a dash of sugar. Add to the grapefruit mixture.
3. Add in two shots of rum, a splash of soda water and a handful of ice.

 Strawberry Basil "Sparkler"
What you need:
5 strawberries
1-2 basil leaves (the recipe called for 5, and that was just TOO many for me)
1 shot of vodka
5 oz soda water

What you do:
1. Muddle the strawberries and basil together.
2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and give a little stir.

I'm tackling the second annual 92 Days of Summer list.
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