Thursday, July 26, 2012

#33: Quenna's Raw & Vegan

I've heard about Quenna's lots of times, but because of it's location out in Oceanview I've never actually tried the raw- and vegan-friendly restaurant. I was expecting more of a sandwich bar with counter-service, but was welcomed by a host and waitstaff. I actually got my order to-go since I was in the process of running 100 errands, but they were speeding with my picks: stuffed tomatoes and a rockin' cran smoothie. The smoothie was probably one of the best I've ever had. Seriously. The tomatoes threw me off a bit with the grated seaweed, but was actually a great salty compliment to the hearty vegan stuffing.

My bill was $15, which seems a little pricey for a quick lunch, but it's such a unique place and a must-stop for anyone with a meat-restrictive diet. The next time I'm out in Oceanview, I'll be sure to stop back for another flavorful (and healthy) smoothie!

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