Friday, July 20, 2012

#80: Pick Berries

Gettin' sweaty!
It's been years since I last picked berries, but the taste of locally grown produce is irresistable so I had to add it to the Summer list. To change it up a bit, I went blackberry picking at Henley Farms in Virginia Beach. What a terrific farm! The guys there were so incredibly nice, the fields are really well kept (for being a farm afterall), there is tons of great produce to pick from and best of all, their prices are great.

I went to pick the blackberries, but it's a little late in the season for that. While there are still berries to pick, the selection is getting a little wilted. I had no problem picking 2 lbs worth in less than 15 minutes. I also saw some quite interesting-looking bugs (big ones at that) and sweat off about 5 lbs (it was 98 degrees today).

Children of the Corn? Anyone?

I was also able to pick my own corn ($3 a dozen) and tomatoes ($1 per lb). Picking the corn brought back some eerie memories of "Children of the Corn" which I insisted on watching when I was 11. I quickly picked my ears and went onto the tomato vines.

I'm so excited for all my new fresh – and local – produce. I ended up with 10 ears of corn, 2.5 lbs of tomatoes and 2 lbs of blackberries for $9. I can't wait to bake with the blackberries...I'm thinking some sort of cake for the weekend....stay tuned!

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