Thursday, July 26, 2012

#92: Make Popcicles

I only tried a couple different varieties of this because, honestly, it wasn't so fun. I'd suggest making your own popcicle contraption instead of investing any money in one. Or, just buy a box from the grocery!

Round 1: Mint Fruit Pops
For this I tried a contraption I bought from the Dollar Tree. Good thing it was only a $1. Once the fruit froze in the molds, the handles easily popped out but left mixture. I had to pry it out with a knife and shove it back onto the stick. The good news was the recipe was quite tasty.

What you need:
1 cup strawberries and blackberries
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon lime juice
small hand of fresh mint leaves

What you do:
1. Place everything in a food processor and give a few pulses. I left mine a little chunky, but you can blend to your desired consistency.
2. Pour into your popsicle molds and freeze for about 4 hours.

Round 2: Frozen Pudding Pops
I highly recommend this method of popcicle-making. I bought mini paper cups and popcicle sticks from the dollar store. Tip: If you're using pudding, the sticks will stand up pretty well on their own. If you're using something with a thinner consistency you can stick a dab of peanut butter, a piece of fruit or even a vegetable on the end of the popcicle stick to make it stand straight up while your mixture is freezing.

What you need:
1 box instant pudding mix, I used banana
1 yogurt, I used strawberry (or a different flavor of pudding)
mixed nuts
peanut butter

What you do:
1. Mix the pudding according to the directions and let set.
2. Crush the nuts in a food processor.
3. Create your pops by layering the different flavors, add the nuts between the layers and on top. And don't forget to add your scoop of peanut butter to your popcicle stick, it's definitely a treat on your first bite!

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