Sunday, August 4, 2013

#17: 80/20 Burger Bar

AltDaily threw its 5-year anniversary party at 80/20 Burger Bar so what better reason to finally get to this upscale burger joint? The party was fantastic, we heard Karacell (sweet DJ/experimental sounds that I definitely want to check out again) and just a few songs from DJP and MrT. The atmosphere is great, beer selection great (thanks for the Bell's Oberon throwback), food was just okay. Mike's fries were amazing with a nice twist of Parmesan and Rosemary, but the rest of the food was lacking that next notch up factor. Granted, I didn't try one of the well-known veggie burgers, so when the hole in my stomach is feeling extra large I will definitely try one out.

Happy Anniversary/Birthday to AltDaily, Hannah and the rest of the community for making this a better place to be!

This is the third year for 92 Days of Summer. You can check out the previous years here and here.