Sunday, August 18, 2013

#72: Salvage/Junk Yard

I have dreams of randomly stumbling upon a salvage or junk yard when I'm out driving nowhere. I mean Frank and Mike do it all the time, why can't I? So far in my 79 days of Summer that hasn't exactly happened, so I'm posting about my favorite salvage store: Country Boys. I stopped in today and fell in love with the knobs, drawer pulls and door knob plates. I should have looked here when I was searching for my drawer shelves - next time!

Country Boys is a great resource if you're ever looking for specific pieces for older homes. They have a huge collection of newel posts, shutters, windows, doors, fireplace mantles and other architecture necessities that are hard to come by. I think some of their prices are a little high, so don't forget to haggle down. Today I walked away with a Smurfs (drinking) glass for a friend who had one that broke. I promised I'd quite with big projects for a while (until on my drive home I picked up a desk from someone's trash....but that story is for another day).

Do you know of any local salvage yards to recommend? What's your favorite place to go "digging"?

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