Monday, August 26, 2013

#42: Alchemy NFK

There is so much happening in the Arts District right now. Alchemy NFK is coming right along and is scheduled to open in September. They are asking for volunteers to come out and help do anything from painting to sweeping, so see what their needs are here. The home of Fairview Place and Glass Gardens has been rumored to be part of The Beauty Parlor's expansion, as a coffee shop (I noticed it got new windows in the second level)! The Zedd's building is set to be torn down any day, with hopes to relocate The Plot there. The Texaco Building has been purchased by The Hurrah Players for their new set- and prop-building location. A skate ramp is being added on Wilson Avenue and according to Norfolk Live, Magazine Lane Properties, LLC has purchased three properties on Magazine Street.

I took myself on a date this morning to the Arts District. With my Yorgo's coffee and camera in hand I spent about an hour and a half, walking around taking pictures. A lot of people just see buildings that haven't changed much. But if you take a closer look, there is change happening in every form - from entire buildings to rust on a lock. From lightbulbs to blooming flowers, it's all taking shape.

So, the big question is, how well do you know the Arts District? Can you easily identify the pictures below? Most of them are probably pretty easy, but go ahead, test your knowledge of the District.

top (1), left (2), right (3)

left top (4), left bottom (5), right top (6), bottom (7)

top (8), bottom left (9), bottom right (10)

top left (11), top right (12), bottom (13)

top left (14), top right (15), middle (16), bottom left (17), bottom right (18)

top (19), bottom (20)

top left (21), top right (22), bottom (23)

left top (24), left bottom (25), right (26)

left (27), right top (28), right bottom (29)
30 :)
Go ahead, take a minute to record your answers. We'll have a word from our sponsors...

#14: Take Myself on a Date, #42: Alchemy NFK, and #52: Photo Story, are off the list!
I'm participating in my third annual 92 Days of Summer challenge. Read about the project here.
Alright here are the answers!
1) the garage
2) acclaimed events
3) 734 granby st. (next to zed's)
4) oj wholesale
5) new skate ramp
6) texaco building (with the moon!)
7 the beauty parlour by q
8) 112 wilson lane (the old horse stables?)
9) 142 west olney (next to the virginia ballet)
10) bob's gun shop
11) back of studio co-lab
12) norfolk printing company
13) virginia furniture company
14) studio co-lab
15) 801 granby, residences
16) top of zedd's (from wilson ave.)
17) parking lot behind the texaco building
18) parking lot next to alchemy nfk
19) the garage
20) alchemy nfk
21) 763 granby st.
22) virginia furniture company
23) exotic home
24) texaco building
25) stark and legum
26) daevid's floral
27) wilson avenue
28) hayne photography
29) zedd's (olney side)
30) 765 granby street or glass gardens/fairview place

Talley up your score and see where you rank!

0-6: Vacant Retail
Have you been to Norfolk before? Heard of the Arts District? Appears not, but if the dilapidated buildings down here have potential, then so do you! Come out and spend a few hours perusing the neighborhood, you'll be happy you did.

7-13: Starving Artist
We understand, life is hard for you. But you owe it to the Arts District, after all, walking is FREE! Better hit the streets and get a little more familiar with a place that is being created for you!

14-20: Better Blocker
You helped build some pallet furniture, you even told all your friends about 'this art thing happening in Norfolk.' Good job! Now, go to the next level and write your city council, contact Alchemy NFK to volunteer, or get a group of your friends to donate to The Norfolk Arts District today!

21-29: Alchemist
You are a forerunner of transforming dust and dirt into murals and skate ramps. Your attempt to convert medieval city laws into a universal zoning permit elixir is almost complete. Keep up the good work!

All 30: Mayor of Arts Districtville
Really? All 30? You deserve free rent for a year, a coffee shop named after you, and a bicycle lane with your face on it. Norfolkians should aspire to be just like you, an Arts District Rockstar!