Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

On Saturday we visited Earth Studios and I fell in love with the desk/table they have at checkout. Turns out Robyn found it in the trash (a girl after my own heart)! On Sunday we had to make an exchange at Garden Ridge and on the way home I was complaining that I wanted to find a perfect desk in the trash.

I still need to hide the excess computer cord but just haven't gotten that far yet :)

And like that, my prayers were answered. I spotted a big heap of trash on our street, yelled "STOP" and hopped out of the car. In a neighbor's trash there was a round table that had been split in half. The one side was broken, but the other was intact and sturdy. Very dirty and gross, but with loads of potential. The table was in the truck and I was off to Taylor's. I bought a pack of L Brackets for $5, spent 30 minutes cleaning and scrubbing the trashy table and another 30 to install (Mike drilled a hole in the back of the table for my computer cords to go through which took a while since our biggest drill bit is 1/4 inch).

It's like we had planned it all along! I love my new desk and how it goes with the comforter, furniture and even the painting Deb made for us when we first moved it.