Friday, August 23, 2013

Momentarily Obsessed With...

1. vintage milk bottles. Why would I need these? There's no real reason, other than they are adorable and one day, maybe, I'll have a party where these would just be the perfect fit in the decor.

2. felt pennant. I know I've said it before, but this really is a must-make for Fairview Place. I mean it's calling my name. Not many of you will remember, but once upon a time, I used to make pillows for friends with their names on them (sometimes incorrectly, whatever). So this is perfect! Think of all the custom orders I could do...!

3. key tags. This reminds me of going to the Elk's pool everyday of every Summer from age 8 to 14. We had tags similar to this inscribed with out member number, it was like our golden ticket to our Summer break. Now it kind of makes me think of a seedy hotel. Either way, I'm digging it.

4. ohio tote. Because I will never not love anything that says Ohio on it.

5. mismatched prints. It's been cold for almost two weeks, so I'm already thinking up cute Autumn outfits. This makes the must-do list.