Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Day at the Racetrack

Barney and Deb picked us up early on Saturday to head to Colonial Downs for my first-ever race. It wasn't a horse race though, it was flat track racing. This was all very new to me, but Barney has been around motorcycles since he was a kid. And even participated in races just like this when he was younger. Today, his love of the sport has lead him to sponsor one of the racers, Bryan Smith (below).

The whole day was very cool, I learned a lot and met some pretty interesting people. After the practice rounds we were able to walk through the pits. We met Bryan, along with some of the other racers (and their biggest fans) and even some adorable pups!

Even though Bryan had all the best times in the heats and won the Dash for Cash ($1,000 to the winner of a six-person, five-lap heat), he came in 12th during the final 18-lap race. Something electrical happened with his bike and it lost him the race. I'm sure he was bummed (as were the Mars boys), but that's just the nature of racing - as Barney put it.

Barney got to play celebrity for a minute as presented the winners of the Pro Race with a few extra dollars he donated to the purse. We're all hoping this will be the first of many flat track races at Colonial Downs since it was such a fun day for all of us!

#65: Freebie is off the list!

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