Saturday, August 3, 2013

Earth Studios

John from Glass Gardens first told me about Earth Studios. The owners had randomly stumbled upon his Craigslist ad for air plant consignment and from there he started a great relationship. I contacted them in late June about consigning my felt food and right away they knew it'd be a great fit. Getting out there and supplying a generous helping of the food was a different story. I should note "out there" isn't really "out there" at all. It's just down Colley Avenue, but anything away from my front door seems far away these days.

Anyway, I finally stopped by the shop and it's amazing. The quaint space has so much to offer in upcycled furniture, new and repurposed art, tabletop accessories and gifts. Shannon and Robyn, co-owners of Earth Studios, have such a talent for refinishing furniture, an eye for design and a great taste in home decor. It's an honor to be consigning in their adorable store and wish them nothing but the best for years to come!

#82 and #21 are off the list!

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