Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Musebles: Cleaning and Organizing

Some people (ahem...Mike...) might say I'm rather messy. I personally wouldn't consider it messy, maybe just a little cluttered. Or maybe an organized mess (does that fit into the same category as a functional alcoholic?). Anyway, I've been waiting a while to get all my craft stuff organized. I had to find the right furniture, then sell my desk and buffet table - both of which sold on Craigslist in less than three weeks!

I found these new storage pieces at Garden Ridge in Chesapeake. Unfortunately they were too short for my existing bins so I had to buy all new ones. Wasn't too upset though, it gave me a chance to go through all my supplies and purge a little. I have space for all my felt food packaging in one place, along with organizing all my packaging and shipping labels. Guess that means Fairview Place (via Etsy) is open for business again!

This plant stand I bought when I first moved here at an antique store out on Granby Street. I had actually left the store and drove halfway home, only to turn around and go back and get this! It was $14! I used it for all my shoes (with canvas bins), but now use it for my buttons and packaging station.

Mike's dresser is still in need of its makeover. I had this in mind, but since almost everything in our house has some sort of distressed look to it, I'm thinking about going NORMAL. Maybe this or this. I'm using this piece for all my paper/sticker/stationery/paper parcels materials and for the finished products.

I also got the pillows (#86) made for the guest bed, I have to say I'm pretty obsessed
with the patterns (even if Mike thinks the blue pillow is actually Batman material)

I typically don't use a lot of ribbon, but this year I plan on making a whole slew of the holly-day brooches. This ribbon (plus what I have in storage) will come in handy then and so will this dispenser made from a wine rack and dial rods. I'm feeling pretty satisfied that I can finally cross off #64: Clean and #43: Organize.

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