Sunday, August 25, 2013

Girls Day

Kelly Jo and I had a little girls day this afternoon at Croc's "Drag Yourself to Brunch." I have heard so many good things about this, but was still extremely surprised with the show. All of the girls were great, but our favorite was the Beyonce look-a-like (above).

The place was absolutely packed and I'd say everyone in the house definitely got their moneys worth...especially the handful of guys who decided to spend their afternoon at the Drag Show (kudos to them!). Although there was no dancing on the floor allowed, we danced and sang in our seats all afternoon. I would definitely go again, maybe for a special November Birthday coming up...

#45: Wear Red Lipstick 
#63: Girls Day
#87: Dance
#90: Drag Yourself to Brunch
Off the list!

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