Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

My Mom is no stranger to me bringing home other people's trash. One time in high school I drove to return a movie to the video store (sounds so primitive) and spotted a rather large mirror next to someone's trash. The mirror weighed more than I did, but it followed me around through college and even to Virginia. When my parents were visiting and we passed this dresser my Stepdad says "Doing some shopping, Ashley?" I had already eyed this gem and was just thinking of the right way to persuade Mike to let me bring it home.

It's Vintage! It's Free! It's on our street, so it has to mean it was meant for me! I know we don't need it, but what's the harm in taking something that will be heading to a landfill? Lucky for me, there was a garage sale that my Mom and I walked to, so we detoured to the dresser. As we approached I spotted another girl leaning over the rather sad-looking piece. It wasn't until this moment I knew I needed to have it. Turns out, she was taking the hardware off the drawers. (By the way, who does that? That's like eating all the free samples and then not buying anything!) Regardless, my Mom and I walked over to check out the leftovers. The dresser was falling apart. It would have to be completely refinished, if not halfway rebuilt. After inspecting the drawers, I decided a few of them would be usable for shadow boxes. So yeah, I took two drawers. I'm not sure what's worse, taking the hardware or just taking two drawers.

Top shelf shows my new bluebird (Michael's clearance for $2) and my Grandmother's milkglass
vase. The bottom shelf holds a clock my Great Uncle Vernon made, owls my sister bought me
from Burma, a random glass vase and a hand-stitched floral picture by my Great Aunt Alice.

Nevertheless, I came home, applied some wood glue, gave the boxes several coats of white paint and purchased three spigots, bolts and nuts (a total of $6.36). Mike attached some hangers to the back of the boxes and we hung them in the guest bedroom. Not too bad for something that was heading to a landfill!